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No.3 July 2017

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2017 Sailing On Journey!
                       All in reflection time and meeting on the Gippsland Lakes!
The whole crew! We made it - WOOHOO!

Young people, volunteers, peer leaders, youth workers, family therapist and bush adventure therapists! Well done everyone on another successful journey together. This trip is characterised by challenge, growth and companionship on the journey.

Many moments of self-discovery, insight and a sense of belonging were experienced daily on this journey. The challenge now, having brought these moments home, is to continue to learn to apply them in our usual lives. Aiming for a day trip in July / August and a follow-up camp in September will regroup the crew, check in with each of the young people and help us to be more encouraged to stay the journey. It is always exciting to see and hear each others feedback!
     Reflection time on the dunes and solo sail challenge on a Tri-Yak - special moments...
Xplore Tri-Yak Adventures - Working Bee! 6th May
Frank, Rod & Daryl, Sara and Damian - what a crew!
Xplore Tri-Yak Adventures have found a new home! Usually meeting regularly in each other's homes for many years, on shores, bays and lakes in a variety of small yachts, the Xplore crew are pleased to have a space to store their yachts and equipment. The yachts are accessible, in a safe place for maintenance and are now somewhere that Xplore volunteers continue dreaming the dream and recharge their energy together.

Through the generosity of the Salvation Army Basin and persistent support from Phil, TLC Support Inc. board and his co-property maintenance manager Geoff, the underneath of  the old run-down dairy buildings are being made safe and sound by the Xplore volunteer crew. It is with much excitement that mud-filled drains are unblocked to stop flooding, security glass is installed into storeroom windows, floors, walls and ceilings are pressure hosed and the doors are covered with shadecloth donated from Vernon & Sheila.

All in the fresh air and open space of the Dandenongs!
Happy hard workers - Sarah, Tim, David, Rob, Damien, Rod & Daryl!
A very special thankyou to Damien's girlfriend Sarah who had only arrived in Australia from Belgium that same week and amazingly came along to dig mud, apply shadecloth and meet everyone!
If you would like to join the crew at a working bee please call Robert anytime.
Thanks for reading our new Xplore eNews!!

YaFT is happy to inform you of our new name Youth and Family Therapy-Xplore. Our name change has come about from a number of years of shared vision; a common desire to help and care for young people, especially those at risk and a recognition of synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts - in our case, a companionship between YaFT and Xplore Tri-Yak Adventures.
YaFT has been blessed by Xplore's enormous goodwill, shared journey and companionship to reach a destination of seeing young people and families in our community becoming more whole.

companion: 1. a person or group with whom one travels 2. each of a pair of things intended to complement or match each other
origin: Latin com (together with), Latin panis (bread) Old French: one who breaks bread with another


Robert & Karen Coller
Sailing On 2017 is generously supported by the financial donations of Select Equip Bayswater and by Compelled by Love and individuals. Many thanks for prayerful and in kind support also helping to create a unique space for significant growth and support of young people in need today and into the future.

Robert Coller
Director YaFT
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