Sailing On 2016

     YaFT eNews No. 3 April 6th 2016
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Day 3 & 4 April 4th/5th 2016

Good Afternoon! Sailing Triplet (above photo) up Bunga Arm. The young people have the opportunity to sail a variety of boats on Sailing On. Triplet is Robert's Sonata 6-7 metre small racer cruiser yacht. This style of yacht as well as Ken's Farr named Three Kings, has a keel ensuring she stays up (provided the keel has been lowered!) and is ideal for young people to learn the skills of sailing something bigger than a Tri-yak. Learning port and starboard, rigging the sails, avoiding the boom - all good skills to acquire!

Report from Robert on Day 3 "... adventure time this arvo; some chose 90 mile beach, some fishing from tri-yaks, others to cook baked potatoes, some to read. Weather is spot on for what we need right now :-)"

Thankyou for your continued prayers for Sailing On.
Day 3: A group stretch on the white sands of Bunga Arm. Activities such as these help to maintain group integrity and to create a short term therapeutic community. Inevitably the group will begin to impact upon one another and whilst this can be a challenge it also provides the space to explore some of the issues and difficulties these young people are struggling to overcome.

Day 3 & 4

The sound of ocean surf breaking on the Ninety Mile Beach can be heard from the riverside campsite at Bunga Arm. It is a peaceful setting for the group challenges ahead. Today involves some solo and group reflection times led by John, Rob and Adrian. Sailing skills are practised on calm waters and a different natural and group environment is relaxed into
Relying on newly learned sailing and communication skills and each other they discover abilities and strengths not drawn on before. This is an experience that aims to give confidence to help with inner challenges around their own personal and group goals.
Well done to the young people braving fear and vulnerability in the quest for growth.

The Tri-Yaks have both sails and pedals. They are an ideal kayak in which to learn to sail.

Day 3: Group reflection & debrief time at Bunga Arm campsite.
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