Sailing On 2016

     No. 1
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April 1 2016

The Sailing On crew of 2016 are hopefully all packed and sleeping soundly ready to meet up in the morning! The crew are made up of our Bush Adventure Therapists, avidly adventurous volunteers and of course our excited young people.

Early on Saturday April 2nd, the crew meet at TLC Bayswater towing 3 boats to meet with the Neerim South crew with 2 boats and Ken and his Farr at Yarragon.Together they drive to the Mitchell River in Gippsland in readiness to set sail! With 9 young people, 3 bush adventure therapists and 4 volunteers, their time sailing the Gippsland Lakes is set to be both fun and life-changing.
Goals are set, new friendships have begun and anticipation of learning new skills within the bush and lakes environment beckons.
Thankyou for your support to get all 9 young people this far.

This journey covers the Gippsland lakes area, taking in the challenge of sailing with a crew and solo as well as participating in community. For every young person, the journey has already begun in 5 preparation days.
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