Sailing On 2016

     YaFT eNews No.5  April  2016
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Day 7 Eve: Sunset at Rotimah Island
Sailing On acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this incredible country; the Gunai Kurnai people. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We thank them for their custodianship of the land. We trust the experience of young people on Sailing On imparts awe, wonder and respect for this amazing creation and it's people.
Eve of Day 7:  April 8th 2016
Packing up camp and sailing away from Rotimah Island is the beginning of the journey home. Sunset on the eve of pack up is a time for reflection immersed in the beauty of the surroundings. Noticing the surroundings and seeing beauty is an both awesome and challenging; placing ourselves under the changing skies of pink, blue, purple, white - seeing our lives in another context and reflecting as the sky is reflected in the water. This is the sunset above that the Sailing On were gifted with.
Day 7 & 8:  April 8th & 9th 2016

Day 7: After completing the morning pack up, all Tri-Yaks, Triplet and The Three Kings were loaded up with gear and crew, ready to sail back to the Banksia Peninsula and Camp Icthus. Here they were joined by Daryl, a most welcome volunteer from Xplore and the NAB. Daryl brought fresh enthusiasm for the last part of the journey - thank you so much.
At Camp Icthus, a group meeting, community meal and celebration was enjoyed by all.

Day 8: Preparation for the return to Narre Warren and Melbourne is underway. A reflection and debriefing time importantly checks in with everyone. Over the whole journey each young person has a mentor whom they can rely on for talking to, to listen to them, to be there. Along with the goal setting, challenges and reflections, the mentors part an enormous part in the value of the journey top each young person. Ultimately however, each young person is to be congratulated for the way they have faced their personal challenges, overcome fears and met their goals.
The drive back to Melbourne is made easier by a lunch stop at Rosedale to once again be with the group that is Sailing On 2016!

Ahoy me hearties!! Robert would like to extend his grateful thanks to volunteers; Ken, Gwen & R2, Kalinda and Adam who have prepared meals ahead of the trip, taught sailing skills, mentored, kept people laughing with jokes and fully committed themselves to the process without which the trip would not be as successful.
Also, a big yellow trumpet blast to John and Adrian whose professional skills and dedication to their craft of caring for young people is like the keel of the boat, keeping people stable in all seas.
Finally, Karen would like to acknowledge the deep care for young people and love of the outdoors that Robert brings together in Sailing On and to his desire to help young people see their lives from a new, hopeful perspective in a bush environment.
Spot the Dolphin! LOL - technical skills evade me at the moment but watch for one of the highlights of the trip in Sailing On eNews No. 6, after the crew get together for a catch up day in May. In  the meantime we'll leave you guessing how many dolphins played around the boats...thanks for reading Sailing On eNews! Karen
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