Sailing On 2016

     YaFT eNews No. 4 April  2016
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Day 5 & 6 April 6th & 7th 2016: Sailing to Rotamah Island is a highlight and a challenge. This is when the young people have the opportunity to take the lead and navigate to the island themselves without leaders on the boat. All young people on the trip took up this amazing opportunity and successfully made it to Rotamah Island! Well done to everyone! Once there, they then camped for 2 nights. This meant they had to take all their gear on the boats, keep it dry and with them! carry it to the campsite and then set it up, cook dinner, participate in reflections and finally sleep in a cosy tent!
Day 5: Meeting jellyfish on the shore & walking to the campsite on Rotamah Island. This is the solo sailing challenge and hiking day.

Day 6: This is a sail free day where everyone walks to the Ninety Mile Beach. Here some group work is done in this peaceful setting. Everyone enjoys the beach and participates in an hour long individual solo time on the dunes. For some this is a real challenge. Some of the young people may never have done this; reflecting on their experience, the challenges, the triumphs, their goals and how thye will take what they have learnt home.

How to Deal with Humans: Our Group Deal Values such as respect, trust, honesty, consideration, space, support, fun, commitment and ... look out for the little guy. Each Sailing On group comes up with their group deal on how they aspire to be with each other during the trip.
The leaders felt the group upheld the group deal very well, kept each other and themselves accountable even with some difficult and emotional issues at play.

Thanks for traveling with the group this far!!
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